Disrupt or
be disrupted

The world we live in today has never changed so fast and will never be this slow again.

It is clear that businesses must reinvent or risk being taken over. Successful organizations know it starts with people. If you want the experience on the outside to be great and to drive positive outcomes with your customers, then you need to work on a great experience on the inside as well.

Leading the disruption, rather than reacting to it, starts with a reinvention of your enterprise to create one that is talent-centric and AI powered.



CEOs who expect people skills to have a strong impact on their businesses over the next several years 1



1% increase in employee engagement can drive 8% increase in sales 3



CHROs who value personalized learning over any other capability 2



Percentage of employees who go above and beyond at organizations that are focused on employee engagement 4

Progressive CHROs are rewriting the rules for HR

Today’s successful CHROs are already getting in front of disruption. They are reinventing and leading with data. They are focused on reinventing and modernizing the organization; attracting, retaining and engaging people to drive positive outcomes with customers; and unlocking the operating model to create an agile and future-proof organization with budgets to reinvest in innovation.

IBM knows about HR reinvention because we have reinvented our business from the inside out, with Workday at the core. We have gone from a process-driven mindset to one that is employee-centric — integrating Design Thinking, agile methods and proprietary tools to unleash talent and reinvent the employee experience.

We have taken this experience and the best practices learned from our own reinvention and have developed IBM Workday Reinvention for HR.

IBM Workday Reinvention
for HR

For progressive CHROs who have an urgency to re-imagine HR through a shift to the cloud, IBM Workday Reinvention for HR is an end-to-end Workday-powered HR reinvention that profoundly transforms your organizational culture — directly mirroring your employee experience to your customer experience goals.

Design for Me

design for me

IBM’s Design for Me Approach is rooted in best practices leveraged from our very own transformation journey and powered by Watson. A Workday deployment provides the right opportunity to reimagine HR, and the deployment journey is just as important as the decision to choose Workday in the first place. By putting your employees at the center of everything, it allows you to drive engagement and adoption from the beginning.

It’s no longer about redesigning old ways of working. Today, you must design with your people in mind, creating personalized experiences and opportunities for dynamic learning and reskilling. You must use data as your most valuable assets to influence business. The time has come to reinvent.



Reinvent and modernize HR.

Best practices, digital tools and efficiencies


of manual processes eliminated


Engaged employees and delighted customers.

Attracting, retaining and engaging your people, and ultimately evoking positive outcomes with your customers


improvement in perception of company


Unlocked HR operating model.

Agile and futureproofed organization, with budgets reinvested in innovation


reduction in HR cost structure

% are actual outcomes delivered at a set of clients


We’ve reinvented our business from the inside out with Workday

  • Critical mindshift change from process-driven to employee-centric
  • Moved from many systems to one
  • Employees given a voice through Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Proprietary tools and methods inform everything we do

  • Design Thinking and Agile methods
  • Tools and approach to accelerate and de-risk change
  • We speak Watson

The people you partner with matter

  • IBMers are data scientists and cognitive thinkers at heart
  • Design Thinking is in our DNA and embedded throughout our Workday processes
  • Global reach, local touch


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